About Us

I began playing guitar at age 6 after seeing Elvis on tv. My First guitar was a 15 dollar wooden ax with palm trees painted on it in a cardboard case. I began formal lessons a few months later. I stopped lessons after my right hand was locked in a school door and required surgery. I began teaching myself using just my thumb.

I sold my fender electric guitar in 1967 when I joined the Navy. After discharge I sold my Gibson electric and bought a 1969 Martin D 35. Switched to playing strictly acoustic folk music. Played solo gigs beginning in 1970 until 2015. I was practicing one day and dropped my pick. This had happened numerous times and usually required starting the song over after digging a pick out of my pocket. Because of a back injury that later required surgery I had a devil of a time trying to pick it up off the floor.

There had to be a way to affix an extra pick to a guitar that didn’t require sticky tape on the guitar body so a player could have INSTANT access to another pick. I searched the internet but found nothing that would work. A few days later I was at my desk and looked down at my money clip. There was my solution. I designed and patented the quick pick and the rest is history.

It took many design changes to create a holder that would not only give a player a new pick if needed but also hold two more picks of different thickness should they be needed later in the set.
The Quick Pick is made of superior materials and is extremely durable.

Gitar Quick Picks are assembled by hand in the USA.